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Limited Edition Black Grace


Limited Edition of our Grace bracelet using repurposed, used Black Bass Guitar Strings, silver hematite beads and silver guitar string ball ends.

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Our Limited Edition Black jewelry is made from used black guitar and bass strings. Since the strings are used, there may be some imperfections in the black coating on the string. It is possible for color to come off if bracelet is hit against objects while wearing. Limited Edition bracelets can only be exchanged for smaller sizes due to limited availability.

Customer Reviews

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Chris L.
Chloe really is something different!

Surpassed all expectations! Really nice and original looking bracelet. I run sound in our local music scene and this bracelet has received many compliments and interest. Immediately ordered a 2nd bracelet, strongest endorsement I can give. Thanks guys.

Jenn S.
I love this bracelet!

I've wanted a Retuned bracelet for forever, but really wanted one with black bass strings, and just kept missing out on ones in my size! But I managed to get one in the last limited release, and it's everything I wanted - it's just gorgeous, and feels light, yet solid, on my wrist. I just adore it - it's pretty AND rockin'!!!