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Our Inspiration

We name our bracelets after musicians and artists we know and that have been a source of inspiration.
Below, you can find out more about the incredible artists that have inspired us.


Emily Armstrong

Dead Sara - Vocals/Guitar

Emily Armstrong Dead Sara

Dave Green

The Filthy Souls - Vocals/Guitar

Los Kingdom - Vocals/Guitar

Dave Green The Filthy Souls Los Kingdom
Siouxsie Medley Dead Sara
Jacob Pillot The Shelters
Mer Sal The Symbols

Mer Sal

The Symbols - Vocals/Bass

Vanessa Silberman


Vanessa Silberman
John Strickland Lullwater

John Strickland

Lullwater - Vocals/Guitar

Chloe Tang


Chloe Tang
Danny Wagstaff
Joe Wilson Lullwater

Ryan White