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Limited Edition Black Chris v2


Limited Edition of our Chris bracelet using repurposed, used Black Bass Guitar Strings. Get them while you can. Very limited quantities. Once they sell out, it will be a while before they are back.

Bracelet features used black and silver bass strings, silver bass guitar string ball ends, black stainless steel beads and a stainless steel clasp.

Need help selecting the right size? Check out our size guide.

Our Limited Edition Black jewelry is made from used black guitar and bass strings. Since the strings are used, there may be some imperfections in the black coating on the string. It is possible for color to come off if bracelet is hit against objects while wearing. Limited Edition bracelets can only be exchanged for smaller sizes due to limited availability.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Sweany
Limited edition Chris in black

I have a few of the retuned bracelets and have yet to get one that I didn't love. But this one is my favorite. It looks amazing with the black ring they have as well. These bracelets don't look or feel cheap. They look and feel like Rock n Roll! And the clasps they use are great( easy on and easy off, but completely secure)!

Tom R.
Well crafted, unique, and bad-ass !!

Great product and great value - made by great people ! A rare opportunity to own and wear a functional, stylish, piece or art (aesthetically and musically) !!

David D.
Love my new band

Love my new band

Susanne H.
Glad I kept this tab open for my Christmas shopping

I saw an advertisement months ago and kept the tab open ever since. Now I finally bought it as a Christmas gift for my best friend and it looks great.

I really hope he'll like it. And if not, I'm more than happy to wear it myself.

Barbara B.
Great Gift

This bracelet is awesome. Fits perfectly with everything. Love the attention it attracts.